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Historic Home Restoration & Renovation

Your home or business is a special part of our nation’s history, and we appreciate the responsibility of preserving that legacy and finding the right balance between authenticity and your enjoyment of your home or business. Your home doesn’t have to be on the National Register of Historic Places to be a cultural treasure. If you want to restore any type of historical building in San Diego, MMD Construction can make it happen.

Historic Home Restoration

Many restoration and remodeling contractors are not experienced in the intricacies of working on historical homes and commercial properties. If they make a mistake, you could lose grant money or tax credits. Instead, make sure you work with a company like MMD Construction that has expertise and experience in renovating historical buildings. We will:

  • Review all standards or restrictions related to renovating your property
  • Complete all necessary paperwork and seek any required comments
  • Follow all guidelines required
  • Work with specialized craftsman to maintain the historical integrity of your property
  • Obtain all necessary materials to maintain the historical integrity of your property

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Residential Restoration Construction

Your home is supposed to be the one place you can always go to when you need peace, quiet, and safety. If your home was severely damaged by fire, smoke, or flood, we can help you come home again. Our trained team of expert builders can quickly and efficiently:

  • Replace soggy floors
  • Rebuild burned structures
  • Put in new electrical and plumbing
  • Get rid of all traces of previous damage
  • Perform other remodels you’ve been considering

Commercial Restoration Construction

Every day that your San Diego business remains closed due to fire, smoke, mold or flood damage is a day you lose money. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly and professionally restore your commercial property so that you can open your doors as soon as possible after the event. Our speed does not sacrifice quality.

One of our most valuable skills is our ability to work with your insurance adjuster to ensure that they cover as much of our work as possible. We will work on your behalf to make sure your home or business is made fully whole again, while minimizing your costs.


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