The community of Rancho Santa Fe is a special one, home to about 4,300 residents and nearly as many eucalyptus trees! Commonly referred to as The Covenant or The Ranch, this community was home to early Hollywood icons during the Bing Crosby era, and continues to be a place where the affluent and sometimes well-known folks come to live.

From a construction standpoint, Rancho Santa Fe creates a challenging dilemma: while the community itself does an excellent job at maintaining its unique character, the stringent permitting process can make it very tedious in getting projects approved.

That’s where my familiarity with Rancho Santa Fe building requirements plays a vital role in making the entire home building process as seamless as possible. Rancho Santa Fe Association’s Covenant Design Review Committee (CDRC) – also known as the art jury – comprises a board that will approve, or deny home projects. Here at MMD Construction, we’ve built a number of homes in the area, and we work with architects who are very familiar with getting things passed through the art jury.

What are some special considerations to keep in mind when building in Rancho Santa Fe? Specific designs that are in keeping with the aesthetic character of the area – stone on the exterior, exposed beams, clay tile roofing, and more. Incorporating these elements is good because everything looks nice, but it can sometimes require one to three years to get a project permitted if things aren’t in place, to begin with. While we love the community of Rancho Santa Fe, there is a lot of bureaucracy. MMD Construction navigates the process with confidence because we know what they’re looking for in a residential design. When it comes to building your home, our workmanship and commitment to the job stand apart from the rest.

One final thing to consider: If you’re considering a certain floor plan or design idea for a future home in Rancho Santa Fe, feel free to run it by me. I’ll check it over and offer suggestions if needed. Spending the time upfront saves a lot of hassle down the road!