1. Communication. Whether it’s via e-mail, text message, Messenger or a specific industry software, today’s technology is a must when it comes to communicating with contractors and clients. 2. Billing. Computer software is a big part of keeping expenses in order; in addition, clients will have a digital file for reference. 3. Staying on schedule. […]

Choosing a well-rounded contractor for your home remodel or custom home not only involves receiving a bid, but also getting to know them better. I am pleased when clients want to learn more about our company – it enhances communication and assures the client that their project is in capable hands. Before “sealing the deal” […]

What’s the difference between a bid and a Project Development Agreement (PDA)? A bid is when a contractor tells you approximately how much they’re going to need to do the project. A PDA is an agreement signed between the homeowner and contractor stating that the homeowner will pay for the services of the contractor to […]