It goes without saying … experience matters. And hiring an established contractor ensures the fact that he or she will have a solid foundation to carry out the project, and already has the resources in place to make it happen. So what exactly does it mean to be an established contractor?
– Established contractors are both licensed and experienced professionals.
– They have the training needed to get the job done.
– They have worked enough jobs and have been around a long time to know what they are doing

Consider the following when weighing a decision about who to hire for the job:
Insurance. An established contractor carries proper insurance to cover the homeowner if something happens. California requires that you have worker’s comp; and here at MMD Construction, we have the proper insurances in place. Our umbrella policy includes liability and workman’s comp, giving us the assurance that our clients are taken care of in the event that property damage occurs during construction. Having the correct policy in place also protects the person insured from financial claims against them or lawsuits that could accrue in one way or another.

Contracts. MMD makes sure to screen our subcontractors to ensure they have proper documentation turned in, so we’re covered as well as the client. Our contracts with the client make sure everyone is covered in every aspect of the job. Contracts tell the owner what’s happening and what their part of the agreement is, and owners need to know what they are paying for and how their money is being spent.

Liability. Contractors are liable for what they do. Liability is another type of insurance that an established and reputable contractor carries; the homeowner should ask for proof of their liability insurance. It protects against any injury that could accrue on the job site from what is built at fault or the equipment used.

Warranty Work. The warranty is the contractor’s end of the contract, guaranteeing that they will do what they say they are going to do. And if you hire the wrong contractor, and he somewhat finishes the job, a year later when something goes wrong he just might not answer the phone. Issues come up — this is why you want a reputable contractor. Here at MMD, we pride ourselves on doing a good job. Our warranty backs up our word.