As a general contractor, it’s rewarding to see a project through that’s on time and on budget. If you’re ready to build, doing a little homework ahead of time can keep costs down. These are things that your general contractor can work with you on:

Plan properly. Pick out all your finishes before starting, and work out all the details ahead of time. Changing just one wall can change the entire house, depending on if it’s a structural wall or not. One change order has a huge ripple effect on everything else.
Make sure the design and measurements are correct. Talk with your general contractor and make sure all the calculations are accurate before the project starts.
Talk to the architects and interior designers beforehand and get their input as well as plan with them. Have everyone collaborate – this way, it all lines up much more efficiently. Put the contractor in there too; the more minds together, the better the product will be.
Have meetings in person. This way everyone can understand and talk about the products in front of them. It makes it more visible.
Make sure everyone is on the same page. That’s part of the collaborative effort. It’s important that you, the homeowner, is in agreement on everything and is on the same page as the general contractor and the designers/other parties involved.
Make all final judgments before the project starts. Make all your decisions; that goes back to picking out all your finishes, etc.
Assemble a team that will get the job done. MMD is a design-build firm. If you choose us as your contractor, for instance, we will reach out to our team of architects and others to ensure all facets of the project are handled.
Get agreements and contracts signed. As the homeowner, you need to have an understanding of what the price is going to be. If you don’t assemble your team as a design-build, it can end up being a design-bid-build — and that’s going to be much more expensive.
Create a schedule, stay on schedule. Make sure your general contractor is keeping you informed on the process. It’s all about communication.