Copy and paste this list of 25 questions – it’ll be invaluable when you’re sitting down with a potential contractor and want to learn more about them. I recommend asking these questions in person – you can see how the contractor responds, study his or her facial expressions, and gain insight into how they plan to accomplish the job. Here at MMD, we welcome the opportunity to sit down and answer all of your questions. We can even just provide insight on a consulting basis, if that’s where you’d like to start. In short, we’re ready to help.

So here we go – the 25 most important questions to ask a potential contractor:

  1. What is your past history?
  2. What is your past job performance/timeline?
  3. What is your niche?
  4. On the last five jobs, how close were you within your budget?
  5. By looking at my project, where do you anticipate your problems?
  6. Do you have proof of insurance that is up to date?
  7. Do you have a list of references?
  8. Which architects have you worked with?
  9. What styles have you built?
  10. What kind of operation do you have?
  11. What is your availability?
  12. How long will this project take to complete?
  13. How accessible are you on and off the job?
  14. How long have you worked with your subcontractors?
  15. How do I ensure subcontractors get paid on time?
  16. How could you assist us in picking out finishes?
  17. Will you have supervision on the job?
  18. Are there certain templates for certain jobs because all jobs have different scenarios?
  19. Can we meet the team that will be working on our project?
  20. How long will “we” (the homeowner) be displaced?
  21. How are you with communication?
  22. Will you have the subcontractors additionally insure us?
  23. How do you keep track of your billing?
  24. How do you keep track of change orders?
  25. How do we ensure that material is paid to avoid liens?