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Nobody wants to discover dry rot in their home. It basically decays the wood and creates big structural problems – which end up costing the homeowner more money down the road. Because we live in a coastal climate, it can be especially difficult to avoid dry rot if a home isn’t built correctly. Dry rot […]

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You get what you pay for, and unfortunately there are many homeowners who have experienced this the hard way. When you have contractors competing for your project, it’s enticing to follow the lowest number. But in the end, this can possibly be a mistake. As an example, we just got a phone call for a […]

Copy and paste this list of 25 questions – it’ll be invaluable when you’re sitting down with a potential contractor and want to learn more about them. I recommend asking these questions in person – you can see how the contractor responds, study his or her facial expressions, and gain insight into how they plan […]