About The Project

Home Remodeling Tranformation in Point Loma


The kids were grown and out of the house, and our clients were ready to retire and downsize into a smaller home that would be easier to manage. That didn’t mean they were willing to sacrifice the look and quality of their new abode. When they found a house to purchase in Point Loma, they knew it wasn’t quite right yet.


Our clients wanted to create a personalized home that they could love for many years to come. This required a massive remodel of the existing structure, including the creation of a whole new front deck, a new kitchen, and a serious upgrade to finishes throughout the house.

Some companies would simply stick to the plans, but we like to go the extra step whenever possible. On this particular job, Milan noticed that it wouldn’t be too hard to move some structural beams in order to create very nice domed ceilings. He suggested it to the client, and they loved the idea. At no additional cost to the client, we were able to give the front area of their home a much more open and roomy feel with beautiful domed ceiling, all because Milan took the extra time to study the layout of the house and pitch the idea to the clients.


Over a six-month period, we expanded this 1,200 square-foot home into a 1,400 square-foot home. The new porch with frosted paneling gives the home a unique and stylish first impression. Inside the home, we created an open and spacious kitchen with a central island to make cooking homemade meals and entertaining fun and easy. Perfect for a retired couple! Lots of cabinet space, means the room never needs to feel cluttered. Likewise, extra storage in the master bathroom and a double sink vanity makes this important space more shareable.