About The Project

Custom Home in Rancho Santa Fe


A newly married couple had recently sold their company and wanted to start a new chapter in their lives. After selling their old home with a little help from Milan M Djokich (see our case study: The Bridges in Rancho Santa Fe), they were ready to build their dream home from the ground up. They had a plot of land in Rancho Santa Fe, a $1.5 million budget, and an excellent architect. They wanted their dream home in one year. We took the project.


The first step in this massive project was to tear down the 6,000 square-foot house that was already on the property. We took down the entire house, removed all the materials, and re-graded the entire plot. It was a big job, but we were just getting started!

For a project this huge, our client hired a professional architect to draw up plans. We studied the plans intensely before we started work and made sure we understood all the details, large and small. We asked a lot of questions, knowing that it is much smarter to work out all the points of concern in the beginning rather than to run into problems in the middle of the project. As a result, the project went relatively smoothly for its level of complexity.

It is difficult to spotlight any one part of this project, because every area of the house incorporates custom work and intricate detailing, from the radius arch that greets guests at the entrance, to the flawlessly notched ceiling beams in the library, to the hand-cut tiles in the master bath, and so much more. We used over 30 specialized sub-contractors throughout this job to give this home a truly unique look and feel.

The result is an 8,000 square-foot masterpiece that reflects the clients’ taste for understated elegance and handcrafted design in every single room. We invite you to study a few images from the home to see the results for yourself.


A massive project like this requires not only a masterful work crew, but also focused planning. Less diligent construction companies could easily fall behind schedule or be unable to accurately estimate a project of this scale. We finished the home right on time and within the client’s $1.5 million budget. After a long year of waiting, the clients were thrilled with their new home and excited about what it represented for their future as a happy and successful couple.